Benjamin D. Young

CUNY Graduate Center

Department of Philosophy
PhD, 2011
Theoretical Perspective on Smell (edited book)

with Andreas Keller
Routledge Press. forthcoming.
Theoretical Perspective on Smell will be the first collection of its kind devoted exclusively to philosophical research on olfaction. The contributed essays bring together leading theorists working on smell in a format that allows for inclusive engagement with the emerging field, while also providing those new to the philosophy of smell with a resource to begin their journey . The collection builds upon an international-workshop on the philosophy of smell with the world’s leading theorists, as well as up and coming early career researchers. The aim of Theoretical Perspectives is to solidify the area as an emerging field within general philosophy. The collection is focused around three central topics within philosophy of smell: the place of olfaction in a multisensory world, mapping our odorous environment to our mind, and the content of smell experiences.

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