David Sumiacher

David Sumiacher holds a BA in Philosophy from the National University of Rosario, Argentina (UNR), a teacher of pedagogy and a Doctor of Education from the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM). He is general manager, co-founder and trainer in CECAPFI (Educational Center for Autonomous Creation in Philosophical Practices with Headquarters in Mexico, Argentina and Italy). There he founded a research center and a publishing house specializing in philosophical practices. He is president of the Mexican College of Philosophical, Vocal and Teacher Training Consultants in the Mexican Federation of Philosophy for Children and was the organizer of the World Congress of Practices Philosophical, held in Mexico in collaboration with UNAM in 2018. He taught at the Bachelor’s Degree in Pedagogy at the UNAM, he was teacher and coordinator of the Basque University of Quiroga of the Master of Applied Philosophy and Teacher and co-author of the Bachelor of Philosophy program at the Salesian Institute of Higher Studies. He has taught lectures, seminars, courses and conferences in universities and academic events in America, Europe, Africa and Asia on education, philosophy, philosophical practices, philosophy for children and young people, Philosophy consulting and philosophy for organizations, among others: University of San Marcos (Peru), University of Seville (Spain), University of Athens (Greece), National Autonomous University of Mexico (Mexico), University of Buenos Aires (Argentina), Ça Foscari University (Italy), University of Cape Town (South Africa) ), University of Sogang (South Korea), etc.

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