Dusan Galic

Certified LBT Consultant


Dusan D. Galic is currently an Instructor of Philosophy at The College of DuPage. He has
previously taught Philosophy courses at Harper College, Indiana University Northwest, and also
at the University of Kansas as a graduate student. He received his masters degree in philosophy
at the University of Kansas, and has delivered a number of presentations that pertain to various
philosophies, most notably those of Michel Foucault (“The Relation of Ethics and Education
within the Philosophy of Michel Foucault”) and Martin Heidegger (“Heidegger’s Analysis of the
Other/Theyness”), and has published an article discussing the conceptions of freedom held by
Jean Paul Sarte & Simone de Beauvoir and the relation these conceptions may have to ethical
theory (“Jean Paul Sartre & Simone de Beauvoir: Regarding their Conceptions of Freedom and
the Relations these Conceptions may have to Ethical Theory,”Auslegung, Volume 27, Number 2,
pp. 17-32, [Winter/Spring 2005]). His main interests include ethics, political philosophy
(especially John Rawls), history of philosophy, Existentialism and twentieth century continental
philosophy (especially Martin Heidegger, Jean Paul Sartre, Simone de Beauvoir and Michel
Foucault). His current research is aimed at elucidating Foucault’s work as unified around the
concern for freedom.

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