Ferdinando Testa

Ferdinando Testa, Jungian psychologist analyst, teacher of the Italian Center for Analytical Psychology (at the Southern Institute in Catania) and of the International Association for Psychology IAPP, carries out treatment, research and training in the clinical – rehabilitation field. Former adjunct professor at the universities of Palermo and Catania, he is professor of Philosophy of Imagination at the School of Philosophical Counseling in Rome. His latest monographs include: Il volo dell’angelo. Thinking in images (Acireale – Rome 2011), The ideas of the soul. Jung and the vision of the world (Acireale – Rome 2012), From madness to citizenship. Rehabilitation experiences in Sicily (Acireale – Rome 2013), Making worlds. Psyche and poetry (Acireale – Rome 2014). The most recent curators are: The myth and the new millennium (Bergamo 2006), Eros and pathos. At the margins of the cure (Acireale – Rome 2010), Body Reflection Image (Rome 2011), The Silence of words. Dream and care (Milan 2015), Memory and the Anima Mundi (Casalnuovo – Naples, 2017)

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