Giancarlo Marinelli

Giancarlo Marinelli is Philosophical Practicioner, Philosophical Counselor, Family Counselor Skilled
Philosophical and Family Counselor, with more than 15 years experience in Philosophical practice.
Founder of one of the main schools of philosophical counseling in Italy.
Executive Director SUCF,Scuola Umbra Counseling Filosofico.
Trainer Supervisor SUCF and Master in Philosophical Counseling from Università degli Studi Roma Tre.
Trainer for Socratic Dialogue, Italy, Rom, Milan,Perugia. Terni and abroad Mexico City and Berne.
Speaker in VII International Conference of Philosophical Practice (ICPP Siviglia). Speaker and member of
Scientific Committee of VIII ICPP (Carloforte). Speaker of XIV ICPP (Berna). Speaker and member of
Scientific Committee of XV ICPP (Mexico City).

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