Lou Marinoff

Professor Lou Marinoff is a Commonwealth Scholar originally from Canada, Professor and Chair of the Philosophy Department at The City College of New York, and founding President of the American Philosophical Practitioners Association (APPA). He is also Editor of Philosophical Practice: Journal of the APPA. Lou has authored two international bestsellers: Plato Not Prozac, translated into 27 languages since 1999, and Therapy for the Sane, into 12 languages since 2003. Both books apply Asian and Western philosophy to the resolution of everyday problems. Lou’s recent books include The Middle Way (Sterling, NY, 2007), El Poder del Tao (Ediciones B, Barcelona, 2011) and The Inner Philosopher, a dialogue with Japanese Buddhist leader Daisaku Ikeda (Dialogue Path Press, Cambridge MA, 2012). Lou has collaborated with global think-tanks and leadership forums such as the Aspen Institute, Biovision (Lyon) and the World Economic Forum (Davos). Lou is a three-time Canadian Open Table Hockey champion (1978-79-80) and had his comeback in 2007. He is a legend and ambassador of table hockey, promoting the game and sport as highly beneficial for children. Dr. Lou Marinoff is also the publisher of an innovative website (http://www.loumarinoff.com) presenting his own work, either books, photo albums or absolutely blissful interpretations of classical guitar pieces.

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