Lydia Amir

Born in Paris, Lydia Amir has been teaching in Israel for 40 years. French and Israeli, she is also a professor of philosophy at Tufts University in Boston, a researcher at the Hubei University of Wuhan, China. President of the Israeli Association for Practical Philosophy and Founding President of the International Association for the Philosophy of Humor, she is regularly invited to conferences and seminars abroad. With his academic career, he receives individuals, couples and families in his philosophical cabinet and works as a philosophical consultant for groups and organizations, putting philosophy within everyone’s reach. His writings have been translated into several languages. He has published more than 90 articles and essays on ethics, meta-philosophy, the practice of philosophy and the philosophy of humor, writing several books including Humor and the Good Life in Modern Philosophy: Shaftesbury, Hamann, Kierkegaard (2014), Rethinking Philosophers’ Responsibility (2017), Taking Philosophy Seriously (2018), and directed the anthologies Practicing Philosophy (2015; with Aleksandar Fatic ) and New Frontiers in Philosophical Practice (2017). His book on the human condition will be published in December by Palgrave Macmillan. He is working on other contract book projects for several publishing houses (State University of New York Press, de Gruyter and Routledge), including the first anthology on the philosophy of humor that he directs for Palgrave Macmillan. Amir founded a magazine, The Philosophy of Humor Yearbook (2020), which he directs, as well as The Israeli Journal of Humor Research: An International Journal, and a new series of books, De Gruyter Series in Philosophy of Humor (2021)

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