Riccardo Mancini

My name is Riccardo Mancini, born in 1971, and I have been teaching “reading texts” in the three-year philosophical consultancy course of the SUCF for over ten years.
For less time I entered primary school with the support following a professional requalification process structured around the achievement of the qualifying degree in primary education science and the subsequent specialization title. and to the realization of the Philosophical Seminar of the ISTS of Terni on the occasion of the Valentinian days as coordinator of the group of tutors of the seminars for children.My philosophical training was taken care of in its debut by the thoughtful teaching of Giuseppe Ferraro and Simona Marino architects of the School of Philosophy Outside the Walls of Marina di Camerota. For long years, since my enrollment at the Federico II University of Naples where I obtained the title of Doctor of Philosophy with honors, I was able to participate in the circle of young students who frequented their home. Thus I was able to personally get to know many faces I met starting from the study of their teaching such as Giorgio Agamben, Vincenzo Vitiello, Jaque Derrida, Carlo Sini, Ute Guzzoni, Hans G. Gadamer, Erri de Luca, Antonello Martone, Miguel Benasayag, Toni Negri, … .No, Toni Negri I missed him because he was hospitalized in traumatology. Currently I am a member of the SUCF board of directors and personal commitments do not allow me to further other areas of research.

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